Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Circle of Life

It is pretty obvious that I am not so consistent with posting on my blog and I really hate that because there is no excuse for it. In November 2011 I was ready to launch this huge comeback and totally devote myself to my YouTube channel as well as my blog when I found out some life changing news... I was pregnant and the news could not have come at a more trying time. 3 days before I found out I was pregnant I was let go from my long time employer. To some, that might not mean much but to a woman like me, it meant everything. Though I love being a mother and soon to be wife, I love my sense of independence as well. Working outside of the home has given me that and it is difficult to let it go, but none the less I embrace every part of my life positively and this one is no different.

Getting over the immediate shock of my pregnancy was easy, telling my family was not some much. I struggled with the appropriate time to release the good news to my family because of some serious concerns. Sadly in 2008 my fiance and I lost our second child and at that time I was told that I would have a difficult time conceiving naturally in the future.  Devastated, I struggled with the loss of my unborn child as well as the news about not being able to conceive. As the years went on, I had come to accept the news and because I was so grateful to have a healthy, beautiful, and amazing little boy already I basically "let go and let God." 

Now 4 years later, I am so happy and so blessed to be pregnant again.  It has not been without complications, but amazingly through the grace of God I am currently 26 weeks pregnant.  I told most of my family and very close friends when I was around 8 weeks pregnant. I later made a Face Book announcement for the rest of my friends and extended family, on Valentines Day 2012 when I was about 17 weeks.  Now that I am more than halfway through my pregnancy,  I feel more comfortable  posting about it as well as announce changes to my blog.

At first I wanted my blog to be strictly a plus size fashion blog but with all the changes in my life,  I feel I should slightly change the direction of my blog as well. "Big Girl Big World" will be just that. It will about a big girl (myself) and how I navigate through life. It will be filled with outfit post, beauty tips ( because you girls know I love my weave and make up), life style tips, decorating advise, cooking tips, etc. Being a young mom and balancing  kids, a man, a house, bills, and work,  all while trying to look good while doing it is not easy. I just want to add my view points and advise to the world while doing so.  :-)


  1. Congrats on your new baby. You look beautiful.

  2. I hope I look as cute as you when I'm pregnant! I miss your vids:-(