Monday, August 9, 2010

Marc Jacob ♥ Curvey Girls

Over the past few days I have been hearing a lot of buzz about famed designer, Marc Jacobs, and whether or not he could be in works to launch a plus size line for us extra thick chicks. Well, while on one of my daily reads, "The Luxist", I came past an article basically confirming that very thing. As I read the article, I actually clapped my hands and giggled like a 10 year old school girl.

In the article, it stated that Robert Duffy, president of Marc Jacobs' label, confirmed via Twitter that the designer is in the beginning stages of creating a line of clothing for women over a size 14. Not much else was released about the future line , but anticipation is definitely growing among the plus size community. Personally, I am truly happy to see designers are starting to be aware of and really respect the plus size movement. I hate that people associate being fat/curvy with being lazy and sloppy, because that is so not true and believe me, I have seen a good bit of lazy/sloppy skinny people in my day. Haha. But seriously, its great to know that stores are starting to expand their plus size departments and designers are ready to buck and go against the grain and offer clothing for all types of women. I mean really, no matter what a woman's size might be, if she loves fashion and is willing to spend good money on it, why, as a designer, would you limit the amount of people that could enjoy your clothing... its just hurting your pockets at the end of the day. I'm just say....


  1. I hope he does a line. I am one of those bigger chicks too. :)
    Just found your blog but I am already in love with it. Seriously.

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  2. Yes this is so exciting! Excellent, fashionable, fantastical news. Now, just to get it in stores!